Lightroom mobile – Iceland

Adobe’s Russell Brown sent a group of photographers to Iceland to shoot a promotional video for Lightroom mobile, and boy is it wonderful. The visuals are just gorgeous, but the clip also does a great job of explaining some of the editing tools and presets available in Lightroom mobile.

(A reminder: I wrote a Fuel ebook that covers Lightroom mobile: Adobe Lightroom mobile: Your Lightroom on the Go, only $8!)

After you’ve watched the video a couple of times, be sure to take a look at the behind-the-scenes video, especially if you lust after photo drones.

  1. I bought your book, Jeff. And I LOVE it. I tried to download the Lightroom app but it keeps asking for an Adobe password …. email and password … that I just don’t have. I am not able to open this program. Same goes for Adobe Photoshop Touch. What are they asking for so that I can use these programs? I don’t have PSCC so if this is what I need, I am short out of luck for purchasing PS Touch. Thank you for the help. I really am studying your book to make the most out of my iPad camera. Love, Amy


    1. Hi Amy.

      Lightroom mobile and Adobe’s other mobile apps require an Adobe ID, which you can sign up for free. Go to and click the Sign In button at the top-right. You can then click the Get an Adobe ID link below the password field to create an account. The account is free, but Lightroom mobile requires a Creative Cloud subscription to use. The best deal is the $9.99-per-month Photography bundle (which includes Lightroom and Photoshop CC).


      1. Thank YOU! I”ll get this done today. I’ve been going nuts since IOS 8 with SO many probs. So I thought this could be one of the them. *sigh* Technology is wonderful when it works right. I’m headed over to Apple today for help. I’ve done everything I can including be on the phone all day a few days back with a senior tech who left my iPad worse then when we started. I had to figure things out on my own to get it working again. It’s been crazy. I just want my iPad working right especially now that I am really interested in taking photos with it. Bless you, Jeff!!! ((HUGS))) Amy

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