iPhoto for iOS Is Dead under iOS 8

When Apple introduced the updated Photos app under iOS 8, the company showed off a lot of cool new editing tools that were clearly taken from iPhoto for iOS. What I didn’t expect was that iPhoto wouldn’t work at all under iOS 8. (Although I’ve been running betas of iOS 8 for several weeks, I realized I’d never tried to open iPhoto for iOS… which is probably a sign that iPhoto wasn’t being used in favor of other tools; and just that I’ve been really busy lately.)

When you launch iPhoto for iOS, you see this message:

IPhoto dead migrate

Tap Migrate and all the photos you’ve edited in iPhoto are copied to your Photos library.

  • Edits you made in iPhoto are baked into the photos; you can’t re-edit the adjustments. However, you can tap Revert to revert the image to its original state, and then re-edit that.
  • Anything you marked as a favorite in iPhoto is added to a Favorites album
  • Everything migrated appears in the Recently Added album, which can be a little confusing because normally those items are chronological based on when you capture photos.

In a support note about this turn of events, Apple also notes many other circumstances that will apply:

  • Any photos in your iPhoto library that aren’t already in Photos are added.
  • Image adjustments you made in iPhoto are migrated to Photos.
  • If you applied image adjustments to photos synced to your iOS device from iTunes, a duplicate of each photo will be created in Photos with adjustments applied.
  • Photos hidden in iPhoto do not appear in the Years, Moments, or Collections views in Photos, but are placed in an album titled Hidden.
  • Photo Books, Web Journals, and Slideshows are converted into regular albums in Photos. Text and layouts are not preserved.
  • Only projects created on the device performing the migration will be converted. Projects you synced from other devices to iPhoto via iCloud must be converted from the devices on which they were created.
  • Photos marked as Favorites in iPhoto are marked as Favorites in Photos.
  • Tags and captions from iPhoto are not displayed in Photos, but you can use them as search terms and they will show up respectively as Keywords and Titles in Photos search results.
  • Flags from iPhoto are converted to the keyword Flagged.

One thing I miss from iPhoto is the ability to make spot-adjustments, versus making an adjustment that applies to the entire image. However, the Extensions capability of iOS 8 should fill in that gap by letting you use editing controls from other apps you’ve installed.

  1. Hi Jeff, thanks for pointing out the death of ios iPhoto. I was just about satisfied with tagging and managing my photos in iPhoto for Mac and could almost get by doing it in iPhoto on iPad. Now I imagine Mac version will be killed shortly as well – and is Aperture slated for the same fate? From what I read it’s photo management (even in a dated version) is better than Lightroom. Is Lightroom the only game in town? (Feel free to point me to a blog or book if you cover this somewhere.) Thanks.


    1. Aperture is no longer being developed. Apple will make sure it works under OS X Yosemite, but that’s it. Photos for OS X is replacing both it and iPhoto on the Mac. So we’ll have to see what that brings in 2015.


  2. I used to use iPhoto to get printed albums from Apple. How could I do it now with Photo?


    1. I was wondering the same. I was disappointed when I just completed the iOS 8 upgrade and have now realized iPhoto is no longer, I was anaware this happening, I would not have done the upgrade. I now have lost the photo album and web journal I have created of my grandson. It is the layout and text that I want, the photos I already had saved in a album. What was apple thinking of, at least give us an option to save elsewhere, or warn us as we are doing the upgrade.


  3. Good question Lucie. The same day you posted this comment, someone told me about an app called Chatbooks, which lets you make little books out of photos on your iPhone or iPad. I’m investigating other options for an article, too. If you run into any others, let me know. Thanks


  4. I am just sick, sick, SICK losing iPhoto when updated iPad! The new editing tools are not nearly as effective. Loss of brushes tragic! Two photobooks I had spent hours creating are GONE FOREVER. Shame on Apple! At least there could have been a warning about losing iPhoto with update!


    1. Nancy TENTZERAS December 4, 2014 at 8:35 pm

      I totally agree, I lost a web journal and photo book too.


  5. I’ve just upgraded today unaware of losing iPhoto totally gutted !!! Why no warning ? I was just about to purchase a Mac in the main for my photography I’m now having second thoughts are they going to remove iPhoto from the Mac ? I want to be able to print books, calendars ext not happy at all and don’t know what to do know


    1. Yes, iPhoto and Aperture on the Mac are going away, to be replaced by a new Photos for OS X application. Apple says it will be released “early 2015,” whatever that means.


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