Hectic, but Calming

Belly, 37 Weeks
Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson

Where to begin? My life has been dual-focused lately: either working on getting a book done, or preparing for baby. I want to take a month off from work when the baby arrives, but to do that I need to throw myself into this book project so it’s not hanging over my head when I’m dealing with (more) sleep deprivation, diapers, and the Whole Thing.

I’ve been fortunate in the past that if a project slips behind schedule, it’s possible to renegotiate the deadline. (The lesson I’ve learned over the years: you can work around slippage, but make sure you tell your editor/publisher/boss/whomever early. Communication goes a long way.) With Roo (our temporary name for the baby), the deadline is going to be whenever the baby decides it’s time to arrive. Baby’s not going to wait just because I need to wrap up a chapter.

We’re in the stage where labor could start at any time, so I’m simultaneously freaked-out, waiting on pins and needles, busy as hell, and yet starting to get oddly calm. The notion of being an active father, versus a theoretical father, is seeping through my brain. Am I completely ready? Hell no. But that seems to be the default mode from here on out anyway.

This could be my last blog-surface until I have a chance to report on baby news. Until then, I’ve got work to do!

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