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Profile of Stumptown Founder Duane Sorenson

The Tacoma News Tribune published a long feature profile of Duane Sorenson, founder of Stumptown Coffee: Coffee’s benevolent Mr. Bean. If you’ve wondered what the big deal is with Northwest coffee (specifically in Seattle and Portland), this article gives you a good flavor. It’s not just a matter of how to spice up your daily ...


Long Hours

Midnight Pavoni Rendezvous Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson On Saturday, I planned on going to bed at the same time as Kim and get a good night’s rest. We spent the day with family, watching my 2 year old niece for a few hours and then having dinner at my sister’s house. She lives in ...


Caffeine Nap

I need to try this soon: Scientists say that a successful midday nap depends on two things: timing and (no kidding) caffeine consumption. Experiments performed at Loughborough University in the UK showed that the sleep-deprived need only a cup of coffee and 15 minutes of shut-eye to feel amazingly refreshed. coffee? Originally uploaded by Jeff ...


Helvetica Coffee Mug

Love love love love love this: (Found via the excellent swiss miss)


Coffee Drinks Illustrated

This is a great, simple-to-understand diagram of popular coffee drinks: Coffee Drinks Illustrated. Click to view the whole thing. This would make a great poster.


Dear Indy Hipster Coffee Shop Near Where I Work

Radio personality and author John Moe posted a great open letter on his blog to a cafe near his work. I’m curious to know which one, of course, though what he describes isn’t unique to just that one shop: Dear Indy Hipster Coffee Shop Near Where I Work. I know you have a lot on ...


Making Perfect Espresso at Illy

Chef David Lebovitz is in living in Europe for a while, and went to Trieste to learn about espresso from the masters at Illy: Making Perfect Espresso at Illy. It’s a good read, though it does sound like Illy set things up so that they come off as the heroes (see, where I first ...


At the Starbucks Annual Meeting; “The Memo”

At this morning’s annual meeting for Starbucks shareholders, Chairman Howard Schultz appeared sternly defensive about what he called, “The Memo,” a critical note to the company’s board of directors (see “The Commoditization of Starbucks, by Howard Schultz“). Although a small portion of the two-plus hour meeting mentioned the memo specifically, the tone of the presentation ...


Camping Out in Cafés

In a post’s comments, reader Rick writes: RE: your recent review of Seattle coffeehouses and how nice it is to do work in them: Grr… Jeff, hate to say it, but it’s people like you, i.e. those folks who camp out in Seattle coffee houses all day to do their day jobs or homework, that ...



Oooooh: espressomap is a simple site that uses Google Maps to identify excellent espresso venues in North America. Type your zip code to find out what’s near you!