Profile of Stumptown Founder Duane Sorenson

The Tacoma News Tribune published a long feature profile of Duane Sorenson, founder of Stumptown Coffee: Coffee’s benevolent Mr. Bean.

If you’ve wondered what the big deal is with Northwest coffee (specifically in Seattle and Portland), this article gives you a good flavor. It’s not just a matter of how to spice up your daily latté – it’s a focus on the coffee beans, where they come from, paying better-than-fair prices for good crops, and making sure that the coffee people taste is as good as your own high standards. Plus, Duane just sounds like a cool guy.

  1. Ok: We are so going to a tasting when I’m back in town! WooT for good coffee!


  2. Sounds like the perfect fix for us coffee junkies. You can always taste when they use good beans if you’re a journeyman drinker like myself.


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