Bought a MacBook

As I mentioned yesterday, the new MacBook looked pretty appealing in the Carlson household, as a replacement for a 4-year-old iBook. After talking it over with my wife—who will use the computer most of the time—we drove to the University Village Apple Store and bought a 1.83 GHz stock model. This was the first time I actually heeded my own advice and bought a Mac from the Apple Store versus ordering it online; rather than wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive (especially if I did a build-to-order configuration), I had transferred the iBook’s data using the Migration Assistant by the time the sun went down.

My one worry is that it’s a 1.0 model of a new design, which can often sprout problems. But, Kim now has a Mac that actually works and isn’t flaky. My first impressions: the size is nice, even though it’s a bit larger and heavier than the 12-inch model it replaced. The glossy screen isn’t as bad as I feared; looking at it head-on wasn’t distracting. According to Apple in a briefing I had today, the glossy screen supposedly increases the color quality (richer blacks, whiter whites). We’ll see.

I haven’t done much more than run Software Update and download the 150+ megabytes of updates from the last couple of days (ouch!). I’m guessing that iMovie HD performance will come close to that of the MacBook Pro I reviewed several weeks ago. I’ll try to run some rendering tests versus my 1.25 GHz PowerBook G4 and dual 2.3 GHz Power Mac G5.

Strangely, I’m not necessarily excited about the MacBook. I’m happier that it’s a good solid system that will last us several years. Okay, I’m a little excited that the hard drive is super-easy to replace; my iBook’s drive is noisy and full, but even though I’ve rooted around the guts of laptops for years, I wasn’t about to nearly diassemble the entire iBook just to get to the drive.

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