Minor/Major Redesign Here

As you can see, I’ve gotten off my duff and did a bit of a redesign here. I didn’t like that all the good links were found after scrolling a lot on one sidebar (part of the reason those links are there is that I come here when I need to get to those pages, such as the Related Developers list). So, now we’ve got a three-column format. Of course, it took far more time than I expected, mostly because TypePad changes its CSS labels whenever I need to do a redesign (where paragraphs were styled as “.content” before, now they’re “.entry-content”), so I had to do a lot of rooting through code to re-create the design that I came up with last year.

In addition to the three columns, I’ve replaced the Eurekster search with a Google search, mostly because I just wanted a simple way to search the site, and although the Eurekster search cloud was kinda cool, it took up way too much space.

It still needs more tweaking, but it’s solid enough for now. I was having some trouble with Safari earlier, but Option-clicking the Reload button solved it (even after empyting Safari’s cache and even choose Reset Safari from the Safari menu). If you see something drastic, please email me.

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