Photocombobulate #27: Lightroom Tips with Julieanne Kost

Our favorite Adobe evangelist joins us to talk about editing in Lightroom using vibrance, saturation, and sharpening.

New Photocombobulate episode! Adobe Lightroom (in its myriad versions) has become the industry standard for image management and processing, and as the programs have grown and evolved over the years, Julieanne Kost has been there to make sense of it all. As Adobe’s Digitial Imaging Evangelist Director, she has a distinct knack for making the complex and often-confusing process of turning piles of pixels into works of art as easy as possible. In this episode we pepper Julieanne with our most pesky questions about Lightroom, and she blows our minds with insider tips, new approaches and fresh perspectives on software we thought we knew well.

Listen and subscribe to the podcast here: Episode 27: Lightroom Tips with Julieanne Kost

Or watch a lightly edited video version here:

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