Photocombobulate #20: Outdoor Clothing

What we wear as photographers can be just as important as the gear in our camera bags. In this episode of the Photocombobulate podcast, we talk all about clothing.

Something in particular struck me while Mason Marsh and I were recording the latest episode of our Photocombobulate podcast. As photographers we think of “technology” and “gear” in terms of camera bodies and lenses, but today’s clothing can be just as high-tech as anything in my camera bag. And when you’re standing in 21-degree temperatures at 5 AM waiting for the sun to crest the horizon while cold wind rips past you, having the right clothing suddenly becomes the most important thing in the world.

In the most recent episode, we talk all about gear—and when I say “we” I really mean that I ask Mason a ton of questions, because his knowledge of outdoor gear and the science behind it is impressive.

As you listen to the episode or watch the video version of it, make a point of visiting the episode’s notes page, where Mason has included Good, Better, and Best recommendations for the types of clothing we cover.

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