[April Fools’ Day] Exclusive: Luminar AI for Apple Watch

Skylum just announced a revolutionary Apple Watch companion app for Luminar AI, using onboard machine learning to make your photos great.

Skylum, creators of the Luminar AI photo editing software, has just announced a new, intuitive way to edit your photos—anywhere. Luminar AI for Apple Watch™ takes advantage of the dynamic machine-learning underpinnings of Luminar AI by bringing the technology to Apple’s ubiquitous wearable.

One of the signature features of Luminar AI is the Enhance AI tool, which improves any image using a single slider. The AI engine examines the image and applies tone, contrast, and color adjustments to the photo, creating great results in seconds.

The Enhance AI tool in Luminar AI on the desktop

The Luminar AI for Apple Watch app brings the same Enhance AI power and ease of use to the watch. After opening an image from your Photos library using the Luminar AI for Apple Watch app, turning the Digital Crown determines how much of the Enhance AI effect to apply. Edits are saved back to the library using the same non-destructive mechanism Photos currently uses for its own editing. It’s a convenient way to improve your photos while waiting in lines, sitting in stuck traffic, or during boring meetings.

Luminar AI for Apple Watch is currently in beta and is expected to be released later this year. It will be a free add-on for Luminar AI owners.




I hope you were amused by this April Fools day post enough to check out three real products of mine:

The Photographer’s Guide to Luminar 4 — available now!

The Photographer’s Guide to Luminar AI — currently in progress

Take Control of Apple Watch — available now!

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