How to Create Panoramas in Lightroom

At, I walk through the process of creating panorama photos in Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

When you visit someplace expansive, like the Grand Canyon or, really, anywhere with a broad view, it can sometimes be disappointing to realize your camera will capture only a small slice of it. But that turns out to not be the case: using the camera and skills you already have, you can capture a multi-image panorama and then stitch it together in Lightroom. In my latest article at, I detail how that works in both Lightroom and Lightroom Classic.

Read it here: How to Create Panoramas in Lightroom.

Speaking of panoramas, we talked about shooting them using traditional cameras and iPhones on a recent episode of the PhotoActive Podcast: Episode 49: Creating Panoramas.

And speaking of PhotoActive, check out our latest episode’s show notes to get a special offer for PhotoActive listeners! Episode 51: Questions, Answers, and Geotagged Flowers.

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