It’s Time to Migrate from Aperture

We knew this time was coming, and now it’s upon us. Apple is officially announcing that Aperture, its sunsetted professional photography editing software, will no longer run under the next major version of macOS. It’s time to make a decision about where you want your Aperture libraries to live on: Photos, Lightroom Classic, or somewhere else.

I’ve written extensively about this transition since Aperture was shuttered in June 2014. The good news is that there are lots of options now for managing and editing your photo libraries, not just Apple’s Photos app. Luminar, Picktorial, Exposure X4, On1 Photo… In fact, the newest version of Picktorial adds the ability to open Aperture libraries directly, without any type of conversion.

If you want specific step-by-step instructions, pick up a copy of my book Take Control of Your Digital Photos. My book walks you through the steps that will preserve your edited versions, along with ratings and other metadata that can get stripped during the migration process.

It’s sad to see Aperture go, because it had a lot of great features. And I know people who continue to use it, even with no changes for the past five years. But now it’s time to move forward.

Take Control of Your Digital Photos

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  1. “Picktorial adds the ability to open Aperture libraries directly, without any type of conversion”
    I just downloaded the trial version and I can’t see any way to do that. Also, no mention of this feature on their website. Is this a “coming soon” feature? Or is it only for paid customers?


    1. I think it’s for all users. When you choose a source folder, point it at the Aperture Library. It should then show up at the top of the Library panel.


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