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I’ve been remiss in posting links to the latest PhotoActive episodes (holidays, work, etc., etc.), so here’s the most recent batch pointing to the podcast that Kirk McElhearn and I produce.

Also, starting this week we’re shifting to a fortnightly (every two week) schedule, instead of publishing one episode every week. We both have a lot of projects going on, so this will ease some scheduling pressure. As someone in the PhotoActive Facebook group wrote, “Phew!… Maybe now I can catch up!” We’re with you, friend.

Give them a listen, and please consider rating and reviewing them on iTunes. Of course, the best way to get them is to subscribe in iTunes or your favorite podcast app.

Episode #28: Low-Light Photography. The winter months are dark for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, so how do you create good photos in dimly lit environments? Your camera wants to make the best exposure possible, but in low-light situations, that can lead to long shutter speeds and blurry camera motion. Kirk and Jeff cover the many options for dealing with dark scenes in this episode.

Episode 29: Christmas Gift Guide. Jeff and Kirk do their first Christmas gift guide. But they don’t choose (much) gear.

Episode 30: Jason Snell Takes Control of Apple Photos If you want to learn all about something, write a book about it. Or, to avoid yourself a lot of work, read someone else’s book about it! Jason Snell has written several versions of his book Take Control of Photos, and he joins us to talk about what’s new in Apple’s photo software and ecosystem for the Mac and iOS devices. We also talk about making print books and calendars, features that were removed from Photos earlier this year, and how machine learning is going to play a more important role in photo software.

Episode 31: Benefits of Digital Asset Managers. Do you store your photos in an application or in specific locations on your hard disk? In this episode, Jeff and Kirk talk about the advantages of using a Digital Asset Manager (DAM) such as Apple Photos, Lightroom, or Luminar.

Episode 32: New Year’s Photo Ideas What is 2019 going to look like? While we aren’t interested in making resolutions that are easily forgotten or ignored, we do have lots of ideas to spark your photographic creativity. Chief among those: Be less critical more often.

Episode 33: The Language of Photo Editing When we edit photos, we have a good idea of what the Exposure slider does—it makes everything brighter or darker throughout the image. But you’ll also find controls for Whites, Brightness, Brilliance, and others, depending on the software. What’s the difference? In this episode, Kirk and Jeff look at just what various editing controls do, so you have a better idea of which ones to use and how they affect your images.

Episode 34: Ben Long and Complete Digital Photography Author, educator, photographer, and all-around knowledgeable guy Ben Long joins us this week to talk about the 9th — yes, ninth — edition of his comprehensive book Complete Digital Photography. We cover how photography and people’s expectations about photography have changed since the early versions of the book.

Thank you for listening to the podcast and following me here.

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