PhotoActive Episodes 26 and 27

We’ve been so busy creating PhotoActive episodes that I almost missed that last week’s episode marks half a year of podcasting the show! I love how they’re turning out, and the great feedback we’ve been getting from listeners. From the PhotoActive reviews on iTunes:

This is the only photography podcast I can think of that doesn’t sound like a side hustle. Pragmatic, cheerful, concise, and not at all oriented toward pro photographers. It is a very good thing.

Before I began listening to this podcast I was somewhat intimidated by the perceived complexity of operating the camera on my iPhone. Now I am gaining more confidence and taking more pictures with it. These gentlemen do not “talk over” the heads of those of us who are trying to get into and enjoy photography.

Here’s the latest:

Episode #26 – RAW Power 2.0: We’re joined by Nik Bhatt, former developer of Aperture and iPhoto at Apple and now a distinguished gentleman at Gentlemen Coders. Using his deep knowledge of how Apple’s raw photo editing engine works, Nik has just released RAW Power 2.0, an app for macOS and iOS. We talk about RAW Power’s unique features and learn some of the fascinating ins and outs of raw image processing.

Episode #27 – Flying High with Ian Schray and Drones: In traditional photography, a great piece of advice is to “zoom with your feet,” or, move yourself closer to a subject. What happens when the subject is 400 feet high? Or you want a unique viewpoint that wouldn’t be possible without a crane? This week we talk to Ian Schray about flying drones: quadcopters outfitted with cameras.

Give them a listen, and then head over to the PhotoActive Facebook group to talk about all things photography with other listeners.

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