iPhone XS Gallery and Article at DPReview

How does the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max camera system compare to what’s come before? At DPReview, I write about computational photography and share a large gallery of images.

I’ve been shooting a lot with the new iPhone XS the last couple of weeks in service of a large gallery and article at DPReview, which was just published today. Specifically, I wanted to see how the improvements in computational photography affect image quality in the iPhone’s Portrait Mode and new Smart HDR mode.

I’m impressed. These improvements mean it’s more likely for someone who is not a photographer to get good-to-great photos from the iPhone, without having to know a lick of photo technique or terminology. Some of the Smart HDR examples made me pause, because the difference was dramatic.

No, the iPhone isn’t going to replace your DSLR or mirrorless camera and the glass you’ve bought for it—but often you may find yourself reaching for the iPhone because you don’t need to put any thought into getting the shot.

Read the article here, and be sure to click on the gallery within the article: The iPhone XS is a leap forward in computational photography.

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