PhotoActive Podcast Ep 6: Raw vs JPEG

When I got my first digital camera that could shoot in raw format, I faced the modern existential question: raw or JPEG? Raw offers more image data and higher dynamic range, but the files are large and require processing. JPEG throws away image data in-camera, but the JPEG algorithm itself, especially in modern cameras, can come up with great results. Or maybe Raw+JPEG is the way to go?

The worst part of it all was the feeling that if I got it wrong, I’d be ruining my photos, or not getting good enough shots. Raw was a professional option, so was I a pathetic newbie if I shot JPEG?

In this week’s episode of the PhotoActive podcast, Kirk and I tackle the whole thing in 30 minutes, covering when it’s good to use each format, and pros and cons of each. And whiskey even comes up in the discussion, because you can’t have one holy-war topic without also pondering whether Irish or Scotch whiskey is better, right? (More research is needed on that last point.)

Have a listen, and if you haven’t done so yet, subscribe via iTunes, Overcast, or your favorite podcast player. And please consider leaving a rating and review in iTunes—it helps us get more exposure, so we can keep doing the podcast! Then, head over to the PhotoActive Facebook group for ongoing discussions about the episodes, photo challenges, and more.

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