PhotoActive Podcast Ep 5: Guest Wenmei Hill

This week’s PhotoActive podcast features guest Wenmei Hill to talk about personal projects and inspiring women photographers.

In this week’s episode of the PhotoActive podcast, we welcome the wonderful Wenmei Hill as our guest. Wenmei is the Editorial Manager at DPReview, which would be interesting enough—but that’s just the beginning. We talk about shooting photos for a cause, in her case the organization Soulumination, which gives family members of terminally ill children and parents photographic memories. We also chat about her own Mamas with Cameras group, which teaches and inspires women (not just moms) to create better photos.

Wenmei mary mamas

It’s an interesting conversation that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

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(Here’s a shot of Wenmei and I recording the episode in my home office, captured with a crazy Lomo Instant Wide camera; I had to ask her to take an iPhone snapshot, because it only outputs prints.)

Wenmei jeff recording

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