Loupedeck Review at Macworld

I review the Loupedeck, a physical control board for making edits to photos in Lightroom Classic CC.

If you’ve spent years editing photos in Lightroom using a standard mouse and keyboard (or even with a digitizer), the Loupedeck will seem at first like a superfluous oddity. It’s a physical control board with dials and buttons for controlling editing features in the Develop module of Lightroom Classic CC. Think of the multi-slider sound boards used by audio engineers, but for photographers.

The idea is that you adjust settings like exposure, clarity, shadows, white balance, and all the rest using dedicated, physical controls. I like that it means you don’t have to move your mouse pointer over to a small slider at the side of the screen to make an adjustment. And if you use it long enough to build up muscle memory, I can see how the Loupedeck would be helpful for people who edit photos in Lightroom for hours every day.

It’s well made and priced accordingly at $259. Over at Macworld, I have a formal review: Loupedeck review: Puts Adobe Lightroom Classic CC’s controls at your fingertips.

(Image credit: Loupedeck)

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