Appreciation for Take Control of Lightroom CC

It’s been immensely gratifying to get great feedback on my newest book Take Control of Lightroom CC. Writing a book—even a nonfiction, how-to book—is a solitary endeavor, and you never really know how it will be received until after it’s released. I’m deeply appreciative for the feedback I’ve received so far, and so soon after publication. Here’s a sampling, putting a smile on my face as we head into the weekend:

Rick LePage at Complete Digital Photography (the home for Ben Long’s iconic book Complete Digital Photography, as well as a new title on making panoramas by Hudson Henry) writes:

Over the holidays, we had a chance to go through the first solid book about Lightroom CC, Jeff Carlson’s Take Control of Lightroom CC. Jeff has been writing for years about digital photography, editing apps and the rise of tablet computing for photo editing, and here he takes you through every aspect of Lightroom CC, from importing to editing to sharing. He also talks at length—and with great clarity—about migration from Lightroom Classic, as well as strategies for using both apps together. If you want to get the most out of Lightroom CC, Jeff’s book is the perfect place to start.

One of the book’s early readers, photographer Chuq Von Rospach, summed it up:

“My honest opinion is…it’s really damned good.”

Reader Nancy Nelson recently wrote to me, saying:

I’ve been enjoying your book and the new Lightroom. You definitely pegged me as their target audience—the peace-of-mind of the backup/sync alone is worth the monthly fee to me.

Have you read the book? I’d love to hear your feedback, both positive and constructive:

If you don’t yet own the book, you can order it here: Take Control of Lightroom CC. The Take Control WinterFest sale continues through January 9, so you can get the book (and any other Take Control title) for 25% off right now by using this link: WinterFest 2017.

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