Take Control of Lightroom CC

I’ve published a new book! Take Control of Lightroom CC is all about Adobe’s newest entrant into the Lightroom family of photo editor/organizers.

I’ve published a new book! Take Control of Lightroom CC is all about Adobe’s newest entrant into the Lightroom family of photo editor/organizers. The 133-page ebook is available now for just $15, and can be downloaded in PDF, EPUB, and Mobi (Kindle) formats.

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A New Lightroom?

You’re probably already familiar with Adobe Lightroom, a powerful desktop application that manages your photo library and includes professional image editing features. Although I write about many image editors, my main photo library has lived in Lightroom for many years. Now, Lightroom exists as two separate programs: Lightroom Classic CC, which is the latest version of the venerable Lightroom, and Lightroom CC, an all-new application designed as a cloud-centric way to manage your entire photo library on any device you’re using: desktop, laptop, tablet, phone, and Web.

(For more on the differences between the two versions, see this article I wrote for DPReview.)

So why write a book about this new upstart?

Tco lrcc coverTwo reasons. First, I think Lightroom CC has the potential to attract a lot of people who want great photo management and editing tools, but who are intimidated by Lightroom Classic. That application has evolved into a professional tool, and with it are a lot of professional features that many people don’t need. Lightroom CC uses the exact same underlying technology, but is streamlined and approachable.

Second, I think Lightroom CC is the future. Adobe created it because it needs to compete with other cloud-centric tools like Apple’s Photos and Google Photos, where people’s entire photo libraries are available, wherever they are. No more making a note to check your offline catalog at home to locate a particular image—or even dealing with catalogs at all. We increasingly expect a seamless experience, with our images and edits showing up on all our devices, immediately. (Don’t worry, Lightroom Classic isn’t going anywhere—Adobe is actively developing it in tandem with Lightroom CC.)

Also, since Lightroom CC is at version 1.0, it has a lot of promise ahead. Existing Lightroom Classic users will probably want to run both for now so they can get a taste of Lightroom CC before deciding to migrate entirely to it. I see an opportunity to help those folks, too.

I’ve been privy to Lightroom CC for over a year, and when it became clear that Adobe was ready to release it, I knew I had to be one of the first to write a book about it.

What’s Inside

With this book, you’ll:

  • See how Lightroom CC and Lightroom Classic (as well as Lightroom Mobile and Lightroom for Web) work together
  • Learn how to import photos from cameras, memory cards, and locations on your hard disk; automatically add mobile photos; and sync photos, taking advantage of Lightroom CC’s cloud-focused features
  • Organize your photo library with rating and tagging, find photos using Adobe Sensei, manage your storage options, and back up your library
  • Get a handle on essential editing basics (like working in the Edit panel); use crop, straighten, rotate and flip to re-orient photos; adjust lighting, color, and appearance; and apply presets
  • Post images directly to your friends online in Facebook, export them to disk in order to share them elsewhere, or make an entire album public for people to view and, optionally, to download
  • Learn how to migrate a Classic catalog, or discover how to run both programs together

Find out how to organize, manage, and edit your photos like a pro with Take Control of Lightroom CC!

Buy Take Control of Lightroom CC for just $15.

  1. Cannot find it to buy anywhere! There´s a second edition in the making?


    1. Unfortunately, although we love how the book turned out, it didn’t sell well enough to warrant a new edition. And it’s now at the point where the information is starting to be outdated compared to the current version of the software. So we (the publisher and I) decided to remove it from sale. I’m sorry.


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