Long Exposure Photos in iOS 11

At TidBITS, I write about how to use the Long Exposure effect in iPhone photos to get silky waterfall photos.

As I’ve been taking photos using my iPhone in iOS 11, I’m loving the new Long Exposure effect for Live Photos. Traditionally, a long exposure shot is made when you leave the shutter open for a relatively long period of time, which does cool things like expose more of the night sky or make waterfalls look silky smooth. Over the weekend, I was at Snoqualmie Falls outside Seattle and tried making long exposure shots of the waterfall… and got better results by snapping a quick photo handheld with an iPhone than with my mirrorless camera.

I wrote up the experience, including how you can do the same thing (it’s so easy) at TidBITS: Using Long Exposure in iOS 11’s Photos App.

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  1. Great, thanks a lot for sharing! 🙂


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