Update to My USB-C Memory Card Reader Article: Verbatim

In July, Macworld published my guide to the Best USB-C Memory Card Readers for people who need to transfer photos and videos to the new MacBook Pro and Macbook models that include only USB-C/Thunderbolt 3 ports.

Since then, a new arrival has appeared: the Verbatim USB-C Pocket Card Reader. What’s appealing about this one is that it supports UHS-II memory cards, so it’s capable of much faster transfer times than most SD card readers. It’s also really inexpensive. Previously, the way to take advantage of UHS-II speeds was to buy the SanDisk Extreme PRO UHS-II SD Card USB-C Reader/Writer, which was around $50 (Amazon now has it at $38). The Verbatim reader is just $17. (For a refresher on UHS-II and all the other special terms surrounding SD cards, see this SD Card Explainer I wrote for Macworld.)

In my testing, the SanDisk is still the fastest accessory, but not by much. If you’re shooting with UHS-II cards, the Verbatim reader is the best buy right now.

Here’s my review: Verbatim USB-C Pocket Card Reader review: A great combination of price and performance.

And you can buy it from Amazon directly using this link (which helps support me with a small affiliate commission): Verbatim USB-C Pocket Card Reader, 99236


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