Seattle Times: Gadgets on Vacation

My most recent Practical Mac column for the Seattle Times was published the day I left for vacation, which was apt: It’s all about technology while traveling. (And because I was on vacation last week, I forgot to post a link to it!)

In the article, I talk about TripMode 2, the Mac software that lets you choose which applications are allowed to use a shared cellular hotspot (such as from your iPhone) so you don’t blow out your monthly data limit. I also look at USB chargers, a USB-based camera battery charger, and the cool Luminoodle, a flexible strip of LEDs that’s also powered by USB.

(And as I suspected, all the comments are of the “leave all your gadgets at home!” variety. Oh commenters, never change.)

Read it here: Helpful Gadgets to Take Along on Vacation.

(Photo credit: Power Practical)

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