iPad Pro: Not a Question of If, Son, but Which One?

My esteemed colleague Julio Ojeda-Zapata knows that you should buy an iPad Pro if you’re in the market for a new tablet, but which model? The 12.9-inch model has a beautiful screen and faster performance, while the 9.7-inch model is a bit lighter and offers the True Tone display (and a wider color gamut).

In this TidBITS article, Julio breaks down the differences and spotlights the advantages of each: Comparing iPad Pro Technologies and Intangibles.

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  1. Gregory Edwards October 3, 2016 at 1:21 am

    Hi Jeff, your iPad books for photogs are by far the best and most up to date!
    Quick question: In the lastest version 3, I still found no info on flash storage drives with lightning and USB 3.0 connectors such as the HooToo and Sandisk. These seem to be solid options for external storage at very reasonable prices. Any thoughts on these drives?


  2. Hi Gregory,

    Flash storage drives hadn’t yet appeared when the last edition of the book came out. I’ve tried only one, made by Toshiba, and it didn’t work at all; I don’t know if that was the product or the individual unit. I think the idea is solid: writing data to flash memory is much faster than a spinning hard disk. It just depends on whether the price is low enough to justify it.

    And software/interface. Many of those devices are designed as portable storage for movies and music that you then stream to an iPad or iPhone so you don’t have to fill up your device, not as a way to store photos in the field. And I’d say that if it doesn’t have a built-in SD card for importing, it’s not worth the trouble.



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