Talking about Taking Control of Photos at MacVoices

To coincide with the release of Take Control of Your Digital Photos on a Mac, Second Edition, I had a great discussion with Chuck Joiner at MacVoices about what’s new in this edition, how the Mac photo landscape has changed in the last two years, and what to consider when looking at online photo services.

Jeff Carlson has updated Take Control of Your Digital Photos On A Mac to the second edition, making it current not only with Apple’s Photos app, but also with the many other pieces of software and online services that you might be considering. Jeff goes over some of the best options that are out there right now, mourns a couple that didn’t make it, and talks about how to choose among the many options. Issues like privacy, data mining, photo accessibility and long-term storage/backup are among the factors that you should be thinking about as you revise your strategy for dealing with what can be some of your most precious possessions: your photos.

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