Essential tips, tricks for living with an Apple Watch

Watch fitting

I’ve now had my Apple Watch for two months (here’s my review for the Seattle Times), and in that time I’ve gotten to know it very well while updating my Apple Watch: A Take Control Crash Course book (which is available now!). But don’t worry, this isn’t another “here’s my take on the Apple Watch after eight weeks” type of article.

Instead, my latest column for the Seattle Times is all “Practical Apple Watch” instead of “Practical Mac.” I share some of the useful tips and techniques I’ve run across with the watch so far, such as unlocking the watch without using the onscreen passcode, getting notified when emails from VIPs arrive, and, believe it or not, receiving phone calls on the watch.

Read the article here: Essential tips, tricks for living with an Apple Watch.

And since I mentioned my book, I want to point out that through the end of June, as part of a larger bundle deal called SummerFest 2015, you can get the Apple Watch Crash Course and all other Take Control books at a 25% discount when you use the code SUMMERFEST2015.

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  1. Charlie Anderson June 20, 2015 at 5:24 am

    Jeff – Although I have no plans for a watch, I’m curious what the definition of a Complication is. The definition I know and how the word is used by Apple don’t seem to jive.


    1. The horological term for anything on a watch that isn’t devoted to telling time. Apple is deliberately using this terminology to link to traditional watchmaking.


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