Lightroom mobile 1.3 Adds an Unexpected Editing Capability

While everyone was focused on the news of the new Photos for OS X developer preview, Adobe released a very interesting update to Lightroom mobile, its mobile companion to Adobe Photoshop Lightroom.

In previous versions of the app, there was a truly hidden, super powerful editing feature: not only could you copy adjustments made on the device between images, you could also copy adjustments made in the desktop Lightroom application. So, for example, if you’d applied a graduated filter on the desktop to an image and synced that image to Lightroom mobile, copying its adjustments to another photo also added the graduated filter—even though Lightroom mobile doesn’t offer a graduated filter tool. (See item #4, Copy Adjustments Between Photos, in this article of Lightroom mobile tips published at a few months ago.)

Lightroom mobile 1.3 takes that one step further by enabling copying of adjustments in a more granular way. You can choose to copy only one type of edit and paste it. And that includes settings like Lens Corrections.

Watch the following video by Adobe’s Russell Brown to see the feature in action. It’s wonderfully cool.

Adobe Lightroom Mobile 1.3.0 from Russell Brown on Vimeo.

  1. Hi Jeff,

    I know the iPad is your area of expertise but I was wondering if you have any experience or thoughts regarding the Surface Pro 3. I use an iPad at the moment with LR Mobile and find quite a few things really frustrating, like not being able to import raw files directly and having to sync settings of individual files manually once I get home.

    The Surface Pro 3 runs LR full and is a tempting option. Thoughts?

    Regards, Dave


    1. Hi Dave,

      I don’t have any hands-on experience with a Surface Pro 3, but running the Windows version of Lightroom definitely bypasses the circumvention of working with Lightroom mobile on an iPad. It would be the same if you used a MacBook Air instead of an iPad (if you already use Macs). I think the limitations would be the amount of internal storage on the Surface, and how you’d use it along with I presume a master Lightroom library on a computer elsewhere. (Unless the Surface becomes your primary machine.)



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