Raw vs JPEG in Photoshop, a Practical View

Raw jpeg top

While I was traveling last week, Lynda.com published an article of mine that looks at the (digital) age-old question of whether to shoot in Raw or JPEG format. Often this topic is pitched as a fight, and because photographers on the Internet are photographers on the Internet, people draw battle lines and argue.

The reality, though, is that both formats are good, depending on your needs. That’s not as dramatic, but who has time to bicker? I’d rather be out shooting photos. In this article, I look at practical considerations, specifically related to working with photos in Photoshop (otherwise the scope is just too massive for an article).

It was also an opportunity to photograph a shot of bourbon, which then became its own post-shoot reward!

Here’s the article: Raw vs. JPEG in Photoshop: A Practical View. I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments below (Lynda.com articles don’t have comments).

Whiskey shot cropped

  1. My main problem with shooting RAW is the inability to edit it in Lightroom Mobile. Everything else I can manage (storage, processing, backup), but I can’t find a good RAW editing tool for iPad, everything that I tried turned out to be rubbish or confusing.
    My main problem with shooting in Jpeg is the lack of options and quality image quality when editing. I can edit in Lightroom Mobile, but the results are not as good as when I edit a smart preview.


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