Part 2 of iPad Photography in the Field: Review Photos on Location

The second article in my series at about using an iPad in the field for photography is now posted. (You can read the Part 1 here.) This one takes us out into the field itself, where I discuss the advantages and the how-to of reviewing photos on location. I talk about using the Apple camera adapters and also wireless options like the Eyefi, which lets you review shots on the iPad while you’re shooting. I also offer ideas for recording location information and getting on-the-spot model releases easily.

Here it is: iPad Photography in the Field: Review Photos on Location

iPad literally in a field

  1. I work in the field everyday as a photojournalist & have switched over completely to an iPad rather than lugging a laptop around. I have found all the tools that I need (as a photojournalist) to get my work done on the iPad. I can embed metadata with Photogene & also edit them as much as I need to with the same app (photogene). It also has many advanced editing features that I use regularly.

    The best way to get acclimated to the iPad exclusively is to just leave your laptop at home & force yourself to use the iPad. I haven’t used a laptop in the field for over 5 months now. It took some adjusting, but once you get your flow down – using a laptop (in the field) seems foreign now. I have even worked out video editing (very basic) and now my iPad is my primary editor. Granted, my job requires speed over perfection as we need to get news out as fast as we can. In this case, the iPad works like a dream & I would have a hard time going back to a laptop. The 4g iPad also means no more looking for a wifi connection!!


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