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Part 2 of iPad Photography in the Field: Review Photos on Location

The second article in my series at Lynda.com about using an iPad in the field for photography is now posted. (You can read the Part 1 here.) This one takes us out into the field itself, where I discuss the advantages and the how-to of reviewing photos on location. I talk about using the Apple ...


New Article: ShutterSnitch, the Wireless Photo Assistant for iOS

Over at CreativePro, I look at the excellent PhotoSnitch utility for importing photos into an iPad: ShutterSnitch, the Wireless Photo Assistant for iOS. Although I discussed the Eye-Fi software in the first edition of the book, I tossed that for the second edition and expanded on using ShutterSnitch because it just works.


Import AVCHD Later with Voltaic

One potential drawback to using a camcorder that records to AVCHD format is the time it takes to transcode the footage during the iMovie import process. Even on a fast Mac, it can take a while to convert AVCHD to Apple Intermediate Codec (AIC), which iMovie uses internally for editing HD video. But what if ...