Announcing My Lightroom mobile Fuel Ebook!

LRmobile 150pxAdobe released Lightroom mobile for iPad last night, and I’m thrilled to announce that I’ve written a brand new ebook for Peachpit Press covering it: Adobe Lightroom mobile: Your Lightroom on the Go.

The book features 53 pages of detailed information on how to use Lightroom mobile, including lots of tips on how to get the most out of Adobe’s new remote tool. And it costs just $8! As near as I can tell, this is the first book about Lightroom mobile on the market.
(Update: Victoria Bampton, aka The Lightroom Queen, also released a book. Go buy her book, too!)

The book walks you through creating and syncing collections from the desktop version of Lightroom, as well as creating collections on the iPad itself (and why you’d want to do it). It also goes into detail about the app’s editing features, covers the many gestures used to speed things up, and more.

Here are some page samples. Buy it now (not-so-subtle-hint), and let me know what you think!

LRM ebook pages 03

LRM ebook pages 04

LRM ebook pages 01

LRM ebook pages 02

  1. Hi Jeff, in your book “The iPad for Photographers” you detail workflows from camera to iPad to PC/Mac. I’ve been using one of these workflows for a few months. Is there a similar workflow in the new book showing how to use Lightroom for Mobile? I’ve downloaded it and used it and it works great for collections synced from PC but can’t see how to import raw files from SD card to iPad and sync LR settings once same raw file has been imported to my PC. Regards, Dave


    1. Hi Dave. I haven’t figured out the best workflow yet; the book just covers using LRmobile without the bigger ecosystem. You’re right that it won’t import raw files from the Camera Roll. I’m updating my iPad for Photographers book and will work that into the workflow sections. I need to do more testing, but offhand I think if you shoot Raw+JPEG and sync, then import the raw files in Lightroom desktop later, they should match up. *should*. Let me know if you learn anything!


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