Ice Crystals on the Shore

Sparks Lake Ice

(Best viewed bigger.)

There’s always guilt. You come home after shooting a bunch of photos and the queue is intimidating. During the Oregon Wonders Photography Workshop in October, I added 3,100 photos to my library. And when I got back, I had to jump immediately into three concurrent projects.

Even though I follow my own (excellent, I humbly suggest) advice for processing photos that I describe in my ebook Take Control of Your Digital Photos on a Mac, the ratio of volume to time is stacked against me.

So I’ve been editing photos in dribs and drabs since then, and the guilt over neglecting the images I worked so hard to create is ebbing away. The editing backlog is still there, but now adjusting a photo or two is a welcome break from the other projects that are currently demanding the rest of my time.

The photo above comes from a satisfying sunrise shoot at Sparks Lake in Oregon. The morning light on the mountains overlooking the lake was gorgeous, but I also couldn’t resist the ice that had formed the night before along the edges of the water. As you can guess, it was also bracingly cold, but six layers of clothing and clear mountain air makes up for a lot.

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