Mysterious Mac Pro Posters

By far the most unusual thing to happen today was the surprise arrival of a package from Apple. A narrow rectangular box revealed a precisely-made tube containing four promotional posters for the company’s upcoming Mac Pro computer, plus a similar-sized sheet containing a paragraph of text.

Mac Pro Posters

Apple does this occasionally when they want to drum up interest in something different. Apple can get pretty much any publicity they want when they want at this point, so it’s not something they need to do. But it’s a very Apple-like thing to send out what I’m guessing is a very expensive set of posters to a select number of journalists. These aren’t flimsy one-sheets you get at a trade show; they’re thick, and printed in what looks like silver and black ink. (Maybe 20 years ago I could have identified the print particulars, but a lot of that knowledge has fallen out of my head in the intervening time.)

Mac Pro Posters

I wrote a quick article about it at TidBITS (Mysterious Mac Pro Posters Appear) and re-shot photos of the posters to make better quality versions than my quick iPhone unboxing (untubing?) images because I just couldn’t help myself. The timing of that and a few posts on Twitter caught some people’s attentions. Matthew Panzarino at TechCrunch wrote an article; Federico Viticci at Macstories linked to a photo of the paragraph of text; and Adario Strange at Mashable wrote an article.

Mac Pro Posters

Now if only Apple had sent a Mac Pro instead… one can always hope.

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