Take Control of Your Digital Photos Now at Apple and Amazon

TCoDP coverThe initial response to my latest book, Take Control of Your Digital Photos on a Mac, has been wonderful. Now I’m happy to see that the ebook is available from Apple’s iBooks Store and also from Amazon for the Kindle. When you buy from Take Control directly, you get versions that can be easily imported into iBooks or Kindle software and devices (as well as a PDF version), but I know that some folks may want to buy from Apple or Amazon directly using gift cards. Or purchase them as gifts for friends and family members!

Amazon offers the book at a discount, and clicking the link above gives me a little affiliate percentage. (But if your aim is partially to help support me and my work—thank you!—it’s best to order from Take Control.)

  1. Jeff;
    please take a look at Voxpixl. This iPhone app allows you to voice tag photos so you can always find them. And voice comments are attached and can be transmitted or posted to facebook. One can also tag photos not taken in voxpixel but existing on your camera roll.
    I’d appreciate your opinion.


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