Chapter 9 of Take Control of Your Digital Photos Now Available

Here it is, the last chapter of my book Take Control of Your Digital Photos, available for free to TidBITS members: Move Photos from iPhoto to Aperture or Lightroom!

Originally the book was going to be eight chapters, but thanks to feedback from readers, I wrote up the process of moving one’s library out of iPhoto. It wasn’t easy—while switching to Aperture is a simple matter of opening your iPhoto catalog file, moving over to Lightroom is a different matter. iPhoto doesn’t export ratings or much metadata, so the process involves many steps. But if you’ve been thinking of making the jump, it is possible. (Make sure you have a backup on hand.)

Now that the book is written, the next step is turning it into a stand-alone ebook. That process is underway, though I don’t have a timeline of when the ebook will appear (probably in the next few weeks, I’m guessing). TidBITS members get a 30% discount on the final book, and of course can read the chapters on the Web any time for free.

(To recap, we’ve published my ebook one chapter at a time for TidBITS members only. If you’re not yet a TidBITS member, you can sign up here (and view all of the other member benefits). For more information about Take Control of Your Digital Photos, read my earlier post, “New Book! With a Twist: Take Control of Your Digital Photos.”)

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