Canon EOS M Now Just $299

Canon EOS M WhiteWow, the Canon EOS M (which is the topic of my recent book Canon EOS M: From Snapshots to Great Shots; here’s more about the book) is now on sale for just $299 for the model that includes the 22mm f/2 lens. The package that includes the 18-55mm telephoto lens is just $349 ( link; choose your lens preference on that page*).

B&H Photo also has it for $299, including a model with a white body. B&H lists the deal as ending July 9; Amazon doesn’t list an end date.

[Update, July 5, 2013: Looks like demand has been high! Amazon has a 1-3 month backlog at that price (but priced higher if purchased from other resellers), and B&H also has a backlog, but only of a few days for the black model.]

Originally, the camera body and 22mm lens cost $729. Almost everything about the camera was great, but it was hobbled by slow autofocus. That was fixed (at least for multi-point autofocus; the single-point system seems to be the same) last week with a long-awaited firmware update.

* If you click the Amazon link and order the camera, I receive a referral fee, which helps support this blog and the work I do. Thanks for considering it!

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