Regain the Timeline in iMovie ’11

I’m using iMovie ’11 right now and working on a First Look article for Macworld. In the meantime, here’s something pretty huge: iMovie ’11 brings back the traditional timeline! It only takes a couple of clicks. If you’ve been holding off on the new iMovie because there’s no timeline, it’s time to take another look. See my TidBITS article, “Regain the Timeline in iMovie ’11“.

I discovered some very cool new things in iMovie yesterday thanks to some time spent with one of the application’s engineers. So far, it looks like a pretty exciting update.

Oh, and one last tidbit: At the Apple event I ran into Randy Ubillos, the creator of iMovie (and Final Cut), and asked about the possibility of taking projects created in iMovie for iOS and transferring them to the Mac for further editing. He said that’s not possible in iMovie ’11, but “it’s a feature request we’re well aware of.”

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