iLife ’11, Is It Coming Tomorrow?

Betteridge’s Law of Headlines aside, I think we’ll see an iLife ’11 (or whatever Apple will decide to call it) at the “Back to the Mac” media event tomorrow. I’m flying to San Jose early in the morning to attend the event, since it promises to overlap with several of my interests: iLife, Mac OS X (a sneak preview of the next major version is promised), and maybe some iPad news (although the chances of the latter are pretty slim; if anything, Apple may announce a ship date for iOS 4.2).

So what’s in store for the next iLife? As usual, I have no inside information. My guesses would include an HDR feature for iPhoto, maybe DVD creation from within iMovie (and a farewell to iDVD), and a way to bring projects created in iMovie for iPhone/iPod touch to the desktop for further editing.

Speaking of the mobile iMovie, I’d love to see a version for iPad, but again, that might arrive with the iOS 4.2 update in November, or with the next hardware generation of the iPad, which I’m guessing may appear late in the first quarter of 2011.

I’ll be covering the event for the Seattle Times and TidBITS, so look there for the news in the morning!

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