New Hitachi Camcorders

More camcorders from CES, this time from Hitachi (that tip to Agen at Amazon):

Hybrids aren’t just for the auto industry anymore. At CES, Hitachi unveiled four new camcorders for 2007: two standard DVD models and two hybrid models that record video to either DVD or a hard drive (30 GB on the D7HS500A and 8 GB on the D7HS300A, pictured below). Or, as Wired’s Gadget Lab points out in regards to the larger capacity D7HS500A, both:

…the hard drive hold(s) up to 23 hours or video, which you can edit down to 70 minutes of highlights and then burn onto a DVD without ever touching a PC.

The D7HS300A’s 8 GB memory will hold approximately 3 hours of HQ video and 6 hours of standard quality. Both hybrid camcorders as well as the non-hybridized models (the DZGX5020A and DZGX5080A) feature DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD-RAM and DVD+RW disc compatibility, an SD memory card slot, 640 x 480-pixel still resolution, and a 680K CCD.

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