Al Gore at Starbucks HQ

Smiling Al Gore
Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

I broke away from the office for a few hours Tuesday afternoon to catch an appearance by former Vice President Al Gore at Starbucks headquarters. He was in town to give his Keynote (not PowerPoint; I know, Mac geek) presentation on global warming the night before, and made a book-signing visit to talk to Starbucks.

Like millions of other people, I’d love to see him run for President. The man who spoke today was amusing and inspiring, the closest I’ve seen to a Jeb Bartlett (the fictional president from the West Wing) in real life, with the experience and intelligence to back it up.

Al and BirdieWhat I found surprising, however, wasn’t the man—it was the crowd. After his talk and a rich, but short, Q&A session, he proceeded to sign more than 600 books over the course of the next hour. So, understand that things moved at a brisk clip. However, some people barely reacted to the fact that he was sitting less than a foot away. They shoved cameras in his face to get pictures (my shots were taken from across the room with my camera’s decent zoom); one woman put a fake yellow bird on his shoulder before taking a picture; and several people mugged with cameras, without even acknowledging his presence.

Gore was extremely accommodating and gracious, and I can’t help but marvel that this is what it’s like for him every time he does a public event.

  1. Hi Jeff,
    I was at the Starbucks talk/book signing too. I happened to be in front of the gal who asked to take a picture with the yellow chick on his shoulder. She wanted to make the chick famous. :\ It was such an honor to meet Al Gore. I was pleased to get a chance to thank the man who has turned the word environmentalist into a cool word again. I am proud to say I am a liberal, vegetarian, lesbian, feminist, bio-diesel driving environmentalist.


  2. Al Gore is an IDIOT. From his stiff fake kiss during his campaign for president, the fact that he flunked his religion course in college, his screaching “He betrayed our country!” speech and his latest full of errors movie. When he can figure out how to blame mankind for the ice caps melting on Mars I might start believing him about global warming. I wonder what he would have done when the ice age ended. More panic I guess.


  3. “His latest full of errors movie.” Art, I see you’re not one of those people who traffic in reality. Please, demonstrate all of the errors in his movie, the ones endorsed by scientists around the world, and get back to me. Thanks.


  4. Is acknowleging his presence sitting across the room with a ‘decent zoom’?


  5. Hmmm…I was at the very same Al Gore talk at Starbucks and had a completely different take on the event. I thought that the crowd (which, I might add, was of overflow proportions) was basically in awe and totally respectful. There was a palatable sense of joy in that audience and just about everyone I spoke with afterward felt that it was an honor and privilege to be able to hear him speak. He had such a great sense of humor and seemed to be energized by the adoring crowd. I don’t think that anyone in that audience was blasé. Many who were there are still talking about it!
    Oh, I happen to know the person who asked Al to pose with the little yellow peep, and she requested this in a totally respectful way and Al was more than happy to go along with the fun.


  6. Tee, I should have been more clear. You’re right, the crowd in general was great (and the woman with the peep was also polite). But so many people in line after the talk (when most of the crowd had left) behaved oddly that I had to comment on it.


  7. I stumbled across the site, enjoy it, and am aware this is something of a dead discussion. Unfortunately Art B. didn’t present the strongest argument, though I agree with his opening statement.
    I do wish thinking people would look at the sources of the information being presented in the global warming debate…or should I phrase it, the human-created global warming theory. Al Gore is not a climatologist. He is not even especially skilled at interpreting information that has already been mashed up and mixed with sugar to make it easier to digest. Dude’s a fool. The IPCC is a completely questionable governmental – NOT scientific – body, and many of the scientists used in their reports had their research and findings taken out of context or otherwise exploited and have since distanced themselves from the IPCC.
    If it’s relevant, I am “proud” to call myself a vegan, libertarian, recycling, non-driving environmentalist…but I am not a dupe, and I get car sick on the rides provided by bandwagons like this one.


  8. Nobel Peace Prize: NEW Global Warming Antiperspirant
    AP – Al Gore has for a long time been full of hot air. He has a vivid imagination about the world around him. His inherent mistrust of the seasons stems from an episode of the Twilight Zone, in which the Earth gets too close to the Sun. Summers are hot & sticky, and Al is probably the single individual who has done most to create greater worldwide understanding of the measures needed to create a more effective global deodorant.
    If college roommate, Tommy Lee Jones, could save the City of Los Angeles from errant magma (Volcano), and the world entire from a giant cockroach (Men In Black), then certainly Al Gore deserves a prize for his initiative to combat global wetness. The same active ingredient and trusted formula that kept our leaders dry during the Cold War – now in unscented. As the planet heats up, you don’t have to! Clinton tested: guaranteed to leave no trace.
    Now that Global Warming has been legitimized, a “private group” out of Monterey, California of all places, wants to seed the North Atlantic with iron oxide pellets to help plankton absorb carbon dioxide (greenhouse gasses). Strategy: “cleanup the planet and make a buck on the side.” Another inconvenient truth: how these Bolshevik’s misguided scam to pirate the “Peace Dividend,” sparked the worst terrorist attacks on United States soil:
    Ps. I like a good spoof, but I also know the facts; and the facts in this case are incontrovertible.


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