Grinder Update

(If this isn’t a bloggish post, I don’t know what is. Tomorrow: belly button lint!)

After receiving the replacement part for my broken Solis Maestro Plus grinder on Friday, I’ve had no luck grinding coffee: it’s all too coarse. So I called Cafe West (the company that handles repairs for the Solis grinders) and spoke to Clarence, who had no suggestions except to send the grinder in for repair.

After having gone to bed at 3:15 a.m., I started to brew up a French Press pot (which works for the coarse grind), and while waiting for the water to boil I ground a few spoonfuls of beans… and saw that the grind was surprisingly fine. In fact, espresso-quality fine. Curious, I flicked on the La Pavoni and pulled a decent espresso shot. Thinking it to be a fluke, I ground a few more small batches at various levels, which all seemed okay.

I’m flummoxed. The only difference between this morning and this weekend is that I called the repair company!

I’m growing more convinced that machines are sentient (the first step toward the impending robot uprising?). In the meantime, I need to do more testing before sending the grinder off.

Update: The robots must’ve read this blog. Now the grinder isn’t working correctly again. It’s off to Oregon for it!

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