No CD Import in iMovie HD 6

I just realized that iMovie HD 6 no longer lets you import music directly from a compact disc. It’s not that surprising, since Apple wants everyone to use iTunes for everything. And it’s not surprising that I just ran across this, considering that I hardly ever buy CDs, much less pull music from them directly in iMovie.

But still, there were advantages to importing from a CD in iMovie. The audio files you ended up with were in high-quality AIFF format. And if you knew you needed just one song from one album for your movie, you could let iMovie handle the task. Now, you must take extra steps to bring the audio into iMovie first.

If you want the AIFF files from a CD, versus compressed files from the iTunes Music Store, here’s how to do it:

  1. Insert CD into your Mac. Most likely, iTunes is already configured to open automatically when this happens. If not, launch iTunes.
  2. Open the iTunes preferences (under the iTunes menu) and click the Advanced icon at the top, and then click the Importing button.
  3. Choose AIFF Encoder from the Import Using popup menu.
    Import Aiff-1
  4. Click OK to dismiss the preferences dialog.
  5. Insert your CD and click the Import CD button.
  6. In iMovie HD 6, go to the Media pane and click the Audio button (if it’s not already selected). You’ll find your imported tunes there.

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