New Espresso Vivace

After seeing a post by tonx, I headed over to the new Espresso Vivace café located near the REI flagship store here in Seattle.

Long marble bars accommodate singles or those who take their espresso European style — buy, consume, and be on your way, There’s also a good mixture of tables for two and tables that can sit four or squeeze in a few more.

There’s a subtle 1950s throwback to the style here, with lots of curving chrome, elliptical tables, a few rich leather booth seats, and boomerang-patterned table tops. But this by no means suggests a retro burger joint: the style meshes comfortably with the warm coffee tones throughout the rest of the space.

Vivace’s president, David Schomer, is a leading figure in the espresso world, having authored several books and videos on making and serving espresso — which means Vivace takes its espresso seriously. Don’t miss a single or doppio (double) shot of espresso or a macchiato so you can experience the smooth brew without a lot of milk distraction.

  1. Check out Cafe Rozella in White Center. Great little find and so coooooooool!


  2. Thanks, I’ll have to stop by the next time I’m in the neighborhood!


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