iLife ’06 Apps Updated

Apple delivered a bug-fix release of nearly all of iLife ’06 today, updating everything except GarageBand. From the update we posted at TidBITS: “Details are still scarce, but Apple claims that iPhoto 6.0.1 (a 13.7 MB download) fixes bugs related to photocasting; viewing thumbnails in large libraries; and ordering cards, calendars, and books. iMovie HD 6.0.1 (52.6 MB) resolves problems with the rendering performance of the Ken Burns Effect, editing performance with the Scrubber Bar, and image quality in iMovie’s themes. iDVD 6.0.1 (5.3 MB) fixes integration troubles with other iLife applications, importing of legacy projects, and some theme-related issues. iWeb 1.0.1 (19.1 MB) addresses issues related to publishing and blogs. Lastly, iTunes 6.0.3 (18.7 MB) reportedly contains stability and performance improvements over the previous version.”

I’ve just started looking at the update, but already it looks like Apple addressed at least one of my criticisms in my iMovie HD 6 review in Macworld; the resolution of video clips within themes appears better in my quick test, though I could still tell the difference between the theme and the regular footage.

The updates are available via Software Update, or as separate downloads.

  1. I find I just keep getting a black screen and can’t see how I am setting the start and finish pionts. I upgraded imovie.


  2. The black screen could be caused by a number of things. See the following discussion:
    Ken Burns Effect Not Working (iMovie6):
    The problem could also be due to the speed of your computer, if it’s an older machine.


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