Happy Valentine’s Day

Kim picks a flower
Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

I’d like to say that I try not to get into this commercial Hallmark holiday, but I’m too much of a sappy romantic. I’d spend a lot of time as a kid in grade school working on my valentine’s day box, and get all hopeful when the pretty girls put valentines in it (yes, everyone got a valentine from everyone else, but maybe – just maybe – the card from Sheila meant more than just polite participation).

This year Kim and I celebrated early by seeing the Dudley Manlove Quartet at the Triple Door, which was a blast. It made up for a valentine’s day a few years ago when we were going to see DMQ after a nice dinner at the Acorn Eatery near our house. The dinner was great, a five-course holiday affair with wine pairings – which is what did us in. Although we shared one order of the wine, they brought wine for each course. By the end of the dinner, we were blissfully hammered, and there was no way we could drive downtown; taking a cab seemed potentially hazardous, even.

So tonight I’m going to make some homemade butternut squash soup, light some candles, and enjoy a romantic evening at home with my sweetie.

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