Flip4Mac Causing iMovie HD 6 Problems

If you recently installed Flip4Mac, a utility that lets you play Windows media files within QuickTime, and you’re running into problems with iMovie HD 6 or QuickTime 7.0.4, uninstall Flip4Mac. I’ve exchanged email with at least one person who was hit by the incompatibility, and there are other reports at Apple’s Support Discussions about iMovie HD 6. A new version, 2.0.1 has recently been released, but I can’t tell if it fixes the problem or not (and I’m not in a position to try it out yet).

  1. Telestream has identified some compatibility problems with the latest iLife 6 apps, so this fix will be forthcoming asap. Submit system and application configuration information and/or crash logs to support@flip4mac.com.


  2. Thanks Antonio! It’s great to see developers responding quickly to this type of thing.


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