DV Auteurs at Sundance

Wired News has a story about a few DV movie directors who are exhibiting at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival: Wired News: Whither the DIY Auteurs of DV?.

While Moonshine has yet to be screened for the media or audiences — Ingraham was still fine-tuning the movie a week before its premiere — it already feels like the stuff of legend. It’s the kind of filmmaker-from-nowhere tale that Sundance and proponents of digital filmmaking have been promising for years, but so far has been relatively rare. Despite the hype, DV hasn’t yet revolutionized the industry the way proponents had hoped.

Still, Sundance deserves credit for making a story like Ingraham’s possible. The festival has been a champion of new media for years. In 1995, the festival began hosting digital filmmaking demos and in 1999 it became the first major festival to use digital projection.

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