RIP Torrefazione Italia Fremont

Torrefazione – 3
Originally uploaded by Jeff Carlson.

The beautiful Torrefazione Italia cafe near my office closed in September. Corporate owner Starbucks decided to shutter the Italian-themed cafes and concentrate on selling beans wholesale.

This is my favorite picture of the ones I took a week or so before it closed. The baristas working there got a little jittery, and told me that I really wasn’t allowed to take pictures for fear that I was actually scoping the place out to rob later. But then one of them said, “Ehh, we’re not going to be open long anyway,” (or something similar) and didn’t give me any trouble.

  1. I am looking into making some changes in my cafe. I have been told about this fabulous place and have been looking for some pictures. I haven’t had any luck. If you have any available, could you send them to me? If would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you!


  2. Unfortunately, Starbucks closed the cafes after buying Torrefazione, so I don’t have any other photos.


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