Biking Fun, or, Clavicle Lesson


Today was exciting. While biking to work, a pickup truck turned in front of me, resulting in a bike + pickup pairing that wasn’t so good for the cyclist. Fortunately, I hit the ground in what a bystander said was a “good fall”: I hit with my shoulder and rolled, not splayed out or over the guy’s truck. Unfortunately, the shoulder got more painful, and after a visit to my doctor I found out why: broken clavicle (collarbone). So, now I’m in a sling for four weeks. Whee! Add me to Well, I’ll add myself, but typing with just my left hand is slow, so I’ll wait. Still, among the possible outcomes of bike + truck, I think I fared pretty well.

PS — I didn’t land on my head, but I’m sure having a helmet helped prevent my noggin from knockin’ on concrete. Whenever I see people riding without helmets (often, in traffic even), I think they’re insane.

  1. Steve Mack & Mary Fisher October 11, 2005 at 10:36 pm

    Oh my!! We’re glad that you’re okay. I’m sure you put a nasty scratch on that truck!
    Mary says she wants to see a bigger X-ray, for her own personal ghoulsih curiosity, and she says that you’re smart for wearing a helmet.


  2. More fuel for my urban biking phobia! Did you know there are attorneys in Seattle who specialize in car v. bike cases. Now that’s scary.


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