More Netflix Love: Bonus Discs

I’ve been a subscriber of Netflix since its early days, and I’m sure the company loves me: I typically have one or two (or even sometimes all three) DVDs out for more than a month, depending on how busy I am. If I counted every penny, I should probably cancel my subscription and save some money (even in the face of a recent price hike), but two things keep me loyal: 1) I love the idea that Netflix pioneered (you get 3 movies rented at any one time for a monthly fee, but you can return them anytime without late fees) because it’s very customer-centric, and I want to support that; and 2) I can rent only a movie’s bonus disc.

Right now I’m watching the bonus disc for The Matrix Revolutions. The movie, frankly, isn’t worth watching again (I saw it in the theater once before), but I have a lot of admiration for the technical work that went into it. So I was able to add just the bonus disc to my Netflix queue and watch the making-of materials. (I did the same thing with Matrix Reloaded: the bonus material about the freeway chase scene was almost better than the movie itself.)

Now, I only wish I had bought Netflix stock when it was at $7.

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